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10/29/2022 - welcome to my first journal entry!

Hello~ this is the start of my trickster journal where i'll keep track of what I'm doing in trickster. /ᐠ ̥ ̣̮ ̥ ᐟ\ノ

My main character is a pink cat named Ellie! You've probably seen her on the front trickster page hehe. I started this character in august 2016 and I've been playing ever since. I'm lazy so she's my first level 400 char witha tm level of 441 as of today's date.

I've also been doing card ID on my alt so I can finally get her a guardian. Then I'll have access to that sweet sweet shield breaker. >:) I have about 600ish cards left to do, so it should be done soon. She's an attribute/ap kitty that I've been enjoying a lot~ I've dressed her up for halloween too haha. Me and my partner married our alts on our anniversary, too! I'll add those pics at the bottom.

I wanted to decorate my mycamp for halloween but I've been so busy. (´;д;`) Hopefully I can still get to it later!!

wedding pictures~