Recently, I challenged myself to pentameld all of my crafters and gatherers on FFXIV! And within two weeks, I was able to achieve just that. I honestly thought it would have taken me way longer to get to this point, but I was crafting during my spare time every day and got to my goal much sooner than I expected I would. Originally the plan was to pentameld my crafters in 30 days, by crafting white and purple scrip turn-ins in small digestible chunks. But on days where I felt up for it, I decided to spend whatever extra time I wanted to working on pentamelding my gatherers as well.

Here’s the outline I set for myself to achieve pentamelded crafters within 30 days.

Within a week, I had pentamelded my gatherers, which somewhat makes sense given that there’s only three of them and so only three tools to pentameld. After finishing my gatherers I went all in on my crafters, crystals willing. I had to have my retainers bring me back crystals because I was running out from crafting so much. But within two weeks, I had done it.

So what’s next? Well, after this I finished all of the Crystarium deliveries quests! I have to say I thought the masochist Allagan orb was super funny, and the extra ending quest was such a nice little treat. I loved the different light sources they all made to make the kids feel better about their newfound darkness. (´∀`)b It was so wholesome. Maybe I’ll have to do the Studium too when I’m feeling up for it! But for now, this is where I’ll stop. From doing this I got access to one of the best lamps for housing, so it was well worth doing!

Thanks for reading! Until next time, I’ll leave you with the masochist orb!!