I recently started playing some dress up games again. it's been a long long while. I think the last dress up game I played was Line Play back in like what? 2012? Thats a long time ago!

I picked up Poupee Girl (Bentewee) and Hello Sweet Days which is Sanrio's version of Line Play. Technically Cocone made it, and they have a few other dress up apps that are similar. It's basically Line Play but every banner is a Sanrio collab haha. You water flowers for coins with a cap of 100 per day, and also throw parties/attend parties for 50 coins/20 coins respectively. It's quite grindy! You definitely have to babysit it a lot to rack up a lot of coins.

I got this cute Hinamatsuri set yesterday. :) The banner will be around until the end of April.

Moving onto the Poupee Girl revival Bentewee.☆ I was so surprised that I found this because I thought Poupee Girl was dead. But apparently this revival of it has actually been around for a while. Its very casual so you can just go at your own pace. You get 50 ribbons for logging in daily and 250 ribbons for taking a snapshot of your Poupee everyday. They have seasonal and event items so make sure to check the shop often! The only catch is that you have to get an invite to play. You can do so by contacting alfirin_doll on twitter~

My poupee... I love her.

I think that wraps up my very first blog post! ♡ Thanks so much for reading. (Its my very first post on this blog! Woohoo!) \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/