✧・゚*✧・゚* about me *・゚✧*・゚✧

a little about me. . .

Hi! My name is Ellie and this is my website. :) I wear sweet lolita and fairy kei, I purchased my first bodyline dress in 2012 and now have a modest wardrobe of brand. I've been fiddling with html and css since I was young and had a xanga page, and it's still one of my hobbies. (though I'm not the best at it and my code is a mess). I got really tired of traditional social media, so I don't have anything other than this neocities for now. I feel so much better after giving up twitter and instagram. I love videogames and the original animal crossing has a spot in my heart forever. These days I play a lot of FFXIV, Trickster Online, and Phasmophobia.

my favorite. . .

Food: kimchi fried rice!♡
Drink: rosehip milk tea ♡♡♡
Music: suneohair, spitz, kyary, perfume, capsule
Anime/Manga: honey and clover, 3-gatsu no lion, natsume yuujinchou, fruits basket, lovecom, dn angel, saiki k, cardcaptor sakura
Games: ffxiv, phasmophobia, animal crossing, trickster online

current status. . .